Thursday, July 7, 2011

You are is what you see

Have you ever consider that you are is what you see? Put it like this, when I go home from work, I have to walk about 15 minutes. What do I see along the way?

The beautiful afternoon ray of light from my office window before I go out.

Pretty little flowers I saw along the way.

The church building with the sweet pink afternoon sky as the background.

Sometimes, I also see children playing happily, an old couple having an afternoon walk, people walking their dogs, the smell from the burger stall, the smell of mahogany flower, and lots of different things each day! I never notice that I choose what I see... I can also see the rush traffic, people yelling at each other, the ruin road, etc, but it's just not me! I love to witness the happy pretty scene because I choose to do so. Have you ever consider that what makes you happy is the choices of what you see? It's a good news because the choice is on YOU! ;)

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