Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Trip To The Island

This is the story of my Sweet Escape. I went for a trip on an island called Tidung Island in West Java, Indonesia. I love the beach so much. I can swim in one of the beach and see the limitless sky. What a wonderful experience!

It was a perfect morning for a 2,5 hours trip from the main land. The sunset was so beautiful.

I love turquoise color of the water! It's my favorite color! The island was so lovely, I could sit there all day long and never get bored.

This is something I've always wanted for so long! A swing on a tree with the sea view!

Row row row your boat!

Banana boat frenzy!

Awesome jump styles! See mine here.

Some cats aren't afraid of the water!

The private beach from our guess house... I enjoyed staying there and would like to come back :)

This was an awesome travel experience! I can't wait to have more of it :)

If you want to read more of this trip, you can also see my friend's travel blog here.


  1. wew ....bagus yah tidung island. Pgn ke sana ah klo pas pulang indo. Naek feri ya? dr pelabuhan mana? And I love the swing on the tree! Beautiful! :)

  2. Let's go there Ka! It's so beautiful :D
    Yes, we took a ferry boat ride from Muara Angke, Jakarta, it's only IDR 35000! It took almost 3 hours to the island.