Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The beginning of something new

Resolutions or I'd rather say list of things that will be my focus on 2014 -I'm not finding any solutions but rather just searching for my happiness, are:

  •  saving for a specific destination rather than dreaming for an RTW trip which is a bit impossible for me at the moment. I have chosen a certain country that I really really really desperately wanted to go and I will focus to prepare my trip to go there (note: alone). This doesn't mean I'm throwing away the dream, but it's more about trying to make it real in a small measurable portion and I know in my heart it will take me further.
  • say NO when I want to say NO. This one is not going to be easy for me. I really need to turn away from the guilty feeling of making other people unhappy
  • spend more time blogging! I really need this one. Rather than being a sad sack that cries about the unfairness of this world, I wanted to learn how to write things that interest me the most. I always love to travel because I like to see how people live their life's, so I wanted to captured that and share the passion with everyone else.
  • learn and learn and learn so much more in taking better photograph. Travel, photo, and coffee are three of the world's pleasure!
  • more doodle-ing. I always make pictures in my mind that I would like to make it into doodles but often it's just gone away. So now I carry a little green doodle book so I can captured moments worth doodling hahaha...
That's all I always think of. Will do better this year!
Hope you have a very fun-tastic year ahead :)

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