Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quote of the month

Oh dear, it's May already, just one and a half months to my 30B30 due date and still lots to do! What happened to my life since last December was really out of my plans and had changed my life so much. That's why I didn't post much like I used too (and it's a bad thing). I was drowned so much in my problems, because trouble is like an unwanted friend that accompany me through the days. I got stressed-out and I guess it's so near to getting depressed. I know in my heart I want to quit this unhealthy lifestyle I'm going through right now (I'm working 12-14 hours everyday, not that I got more on my salary, and sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays too), but the logic part of me made me stay because I have bigger goals than that. So here I am... Losing almost 5 of my precious months of my 20s! But I'm not quitting my 30B30 list, I'm still trying to accomplish it. I've even done some of the list but haven't made a post and I have plans for the rest. 46 days to go =) it's a bit of a wake-up call! I got to make these last days count. Here we go, let's start from this:

May 2013 Quote - anonymous

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