Sunday, July 22, 2012

London Underground

Weekend it is! These few weekends, I've been following "The Tube", a BBC series that shows the life of people who worked at London's underground train system. It was so exciting since I live at a place that doesn't have that kind of public transportation. Well, maybe my town isn't that big to have a complicated train system. What I like about the series is that I could see a different life and it's not an easy one either. There's so much facts that I made note of for the next time I will have a chance to go there, I'll have a bit of knowledge. Some facts I learned: The underground system ended it's service at 12 A.M, so don't go home too late; be careful at Friday nights because it's the most crowded night and there're lots of drunk people; don't stand to close to the platform because you'll never know if some teenage will joke around and make you fall down the platform and got hit by a train (scary, but it did happened quite a lot)! Well, there's many other facts, but anyway, it's a great series because I got to see a little part of London life =)

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